Friday, 30 October 2009

Peachy Bottoms

So, we wrote yesterday about this great Inn we stayed at last night. Hmn - so good that we overslept this morning. Still, it all worked out well in the end. No punctures today, but we stopped at a fantastic bike shop in Wrightsville, The Cycle Works, to pick up a few supplies and pump up the tyres. Jason and Andy were fab, and even better, they recommended a lunch place where we had the BEST chicken sub (sandwich) we have ever eaten. Casa D'Oria is a small cafe run by Joe, a Sicilian, who makes his own bread for the subs, as well as what looked like some scarily good pizza dough. Full of beans (well, bread), and taking with a pinch of salt the warnings from Jason and Andy about the terrain that lay ahead, we were ready to roll the short 40 miles to Peach Bottom Inn, Delta, PA, our stop for tonight. How wrong could we be.... Some killer hills saw us climbing almost 3,500 ft in the afternoon, and a few choice words about some detours on the route (damn those Garmins...). Still, the scenery was stunning (see photos), and we were thrilled to see a few examples of the Amish farms that we had been promised by the map narratives. Ready for the last of our 4-day stint tomorrow as we make our way to Baltimore for a well-needed rest day on Sunday. How traditional of us...

PS - for those who have not yet worked out how to access the photos, just click on the route map on the bottom right hand corner of the blog page.

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  1. Daahlings, following your blog daily and we feel so proud of you, well done. It's early days, so still plenty of time to fall off or fall out but hope you won't do either or if you do that you get straight back on. We're all packed up and off to Cape Town tonight for 1 week. Will try to follow you from there but if we can't, then good luck for the next week. Go, badgers, go!

    Lots of love MG & T xxx