Thursday, 29 October 2009

Wheels on Fire

Tarmac! Now that's a funny thing...we blame John MacAdam, why didn't he enforce an appellation de controllee? Cycling would be a lot more comfortable if he did. Anthony had another puncture today then spent 30 minutes on the road side fitting a new inner tube after Kat insisted that cycling down a rather large descent with a flat front tyre on a tarmac'd service that was far from Grand Cru classe would be a dangerous endeavour...thanks Kat for helping him see the light.

With front tyre repaired and back up to an acceptable 70 psi, we both had a 'full on' cycling day, not much to see, mainly farms, rolling hills and the occasional Road Kill (dinner was exceptional tonight) we kept our heads down and put in an impressive day of cycling, completing our 60 mile trek in less than 5 hours.

We're now at the fabulous Cameron Estate Inn (the chef is an Iron Chef winner) getting ready for tomorrow.

Oh yes, we nearly forgot... Have you ever seen bush as red as this (see photo)?

Us x

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  1. Didn't realise that either of you had a red bush???!!!