Sunday, 25 October 2009

Yeah OK its 10pm and you're thinking we should have posted this seminal blog way before! some time around 3pm would have better reflected the time of arrival here in New Hope, just 60 miles west south west of Newark (Penn Station)...well there are a few unexpected distractions one fails to account for when planning a bike ride such as this, i.e (i) chatting to everyone explaining why we're doing something so insane, (ii) not being able to operate the GPS gadget you've thought would make everything easy, (iii) eating, (iv) comfort breaks, (v) riding bikes that weigh the same as a small car, (vi) being so starving when you arrive you order quantities of food that could feed a family of four, and (vii) taking pictures of trees that were previously known to be extinct! Check out the photo of the rare "Talkie Talkie" tree, believed to have been wiped out with the dinosaurs but now only found in Neshanic NJ.

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  1. Yo Ant & Kat, good to hear you're on the move, hope you've limbered up on Day 2 and are not too knackered. Some advice from us from the comfort of our sofa: don't eat too much, it will be harder shifting more weight uphill; don't chat to anyone, particularly as you move further south, a mere strum of the banjo will be enough to convince anyone that you are insane...Looking forward to following your progress. Love MG & T xxx