Saturday, 31 October 2009

That Old Chestnut

Hurrah! We have completed our 1st week of cycling and tasted the variety of 4 different states. There is however one thing that has so far run common through all the states? Chestnut Street! Yes it may sound bizarre but we have noticed that every city, every town and every community has a Chestnut Street! Staying on the theme of street names we were slightly tickled to find a street named after the one and only, mythical Robert Houck…we know where you are Houck (see photo).

Road signs aside and despite the surrounding mist not being conducive to good photo opportunities, we did experience the sheer beauty of Loch Raven (even with the distant sound of rapid gun fire in the nearby hunt), the stunning patchwork of autumn colours quilted over every ridge and valley and of course the unbelievably huge houses of Maryland.

… special note to TMGx have a great holiday! And a special note to Little Fella “We love and miss you loads”.

Us x

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  1. hey guys congrats on completing your 1st Week.
    Lynsey and I are following your journey daily with interest.Do you upload your routes to the Garmin connect site? I've also got a Garmin (705)See my link

    Not quite as exotic, but as you can see I was enjoying the pouring rain and mud at 7.00 am this morning!
    Happy biking guys and speak soon