Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Spinning in the Rain (just spinning in the rain)…

Two observations on today. First, it rained. A lot. From the moment we left the hotel in Philadelphia, right through until the afternoon, and we got soaked. But it was still amazing. Second, when it rains, all the groundhogs come out. They are weird looking creatures – like huge hedgehogs, but without the prickles; or badgers, but without the stripes. Hats off to the groundhog. Not sure what animal they actually used in the film, but we think they had given it a make over before it went on set.

And some more thank you’s. To the guys at Bike Line in Philly, who mended Anthony’s slow puncture before we set off this morning (yes – it was one of those days). And to the 3 lovely ladies at the Cabin Shop in Valley Forge National Park (see picture): Dor, Pamela and Jean – thanks for the extra cookies, and the spicy hotdog. Dor – we may be looking for the loan of your little red corvette sometime soon….

… And finally! Tonight, we are staying at a beautiful Inn nested on the rocky banks of French Creek; a picture book fairytale Creek in St. Peter’s Village PA with tumbling water falls, dancing rapids (see video clip) and a sound of …. umm water! Oh, and we nearly forgot, there is a fabulous bakery here, where we stuffed our faces with cakes and coffee on arrival. Tasty.

… and really finally! You may be interested to learn of our cycling achievements thus far. We’re averaging just under 11mph over 50 miles, burning approx 3500 calories (then stuffing them back on again with Pizza) and still no NPS…but had a close call today!


  1. I do wish I knew of your endeavor before you left NYC, I would have loved to have met you both. Keep the pics coming!!!

  2. Hello ant I am very pleased with the photos and I will be printing some off tomorrow. Little fella is at nan and grandad and I will be giving him a pick that I printed off of you in the NYtimes with Kat. It is a very windy day but the picture of you in the rain looks far worse. Love both of you Julia