Sunday, 1 November 2009

... And on the 8th day we rested.

It’s amazing how many things there are to do on a “rest” day on a cycling tour like this… Laundry, stocking up on supplies, bike maintenance, left over admin from the UK, trying to write a few texts and emails, route uploading etc etc. However, we had a relaxing day in Baltimore, stretching the legs by walking around the Inner Harbor and willing the sun to appear, which it eventually did this afternoon…yay. We have also been taking the chance to catch up on a bit of trash TV (is there any better kind) and have been trying to embrace the long commercial breaks, rather than whining about them, as we always used to do. You never know when we might want one of those set meals at Friendlies for $9.99, did you say “$9.99”, yes, that’s right, $9.99 etc etc. On second thoughts, maybe we did have a bit too much time on our hands today.

Anyway – we’re off early tomorrow, heading South, for the first of 5 days on the trot. Forecast is good, so we’re doing our sundance and keeping our fingers crossed.

Us x

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  1. Hello Kat and Ant I am so pleased that you are able to find the time to keep us all informed. The write ups are very encouraging and the pictures are great. Please post picures of both of you at some of the destinations as it would be nice to see you.