Sunday, 29 November 2009

Blue (Whale) Savannah Song

After watching Forrest Gump last night and realising that he was actually sitting on a bench in Savannah while telling his life story and talking about “my Jenny”, we were even more excited to get out today and have a look round the City. The historic downtown is made up of a grid system, but with a historic square in the middle every 2/3 blocks: 22 in total. Forrest sat on the North side of Chippewa Square, which is just one across and two down from our hotel. We have John Wesley in the middle of ours: the founder of the Methodist Church. Luckily, despite his influence, we were still able to locate a Mimosa (Bucks Fizz) and a beer for brunch today…yay!

In fact, one of the best things about being here has been the opportunity just to wander around and find cafes, restaurants etc that serve fresh food; not fried; no pizza, and definitely no Golden Arches. We might even manage to take a few photos…TMG, we actually saw a woolly mammoth riding on the back of a blue whale down the Savannah River today - couldn’t get the lens cap off in time; sorry…

Us x

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