Monday, 16 November 2009

Sneads Must (and Ferry Hot)

The day started well. The Hanna House did us proud with a fabulous breakfast of poached pear, followed by Quiche Loraine and polenta. We were sad to leave, but waved goodbye to the owner’s little dog, Miss Kate, and were on our way. Though not so fast. The bridge from New Bern to our route was unfortunately only half standing; this was confirmed by boats sailing through the gap between the bridge and the shore. Hoping that SatNav would guide us through this confusing situation, involving a one-way system, New Bern’s version of spaghetti junction, and the temporary road signs caused by the works around the bridge, was rather optimistic. Having read what we said about them on the blog yesterday, the Gamines were definitely sulking…

After about an hour, we had managed to negotiate our way onto the correct road, travelling around 5 miles for what would have been about 800m had the bridge been up. However, we made up time after that, and had just about caught up with our schedule by lunchtime. It was a hot day (sorry Tim), and actually quite a slog for the last few of the 73 miles that we ended up pedalling today to Sneads Ferry, our destination. At the end, we were dismayed to find that, yet again, the hotel was a good few miles from the nearest restaurant, fast food outlet or grocery store. So, it was pizzas delivered to the room again…hmn.

Tomorrow morning, we will start our day with a climb up the steepest bridge we have ever seen, which was looming just ahead of us as we turned into the hotel this evening. Perhaps we’ll even manage to take a photo…

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  1. A lot there about the bridge, but I I was disappointed by the lack of detail around Miss Kate. Why were you so sad to leave? What about the size? Breed; age; coat colour; wet nose etc etc. Next time you make friends with a dog, can you do a proper job on the description? Apart from that chaps, a very readable account on the whole. Well done.