Friday, 6 November 2009

.. warm down!

Waking up, we were happy at the prospect of a short 20-mile sprint into Richmond, VA. The ride-in was as expected: fast, flat and a premier cru surface all the way to the Hotel in the City centre.

Apologies to the regular followers! The date may indicate we posted this blog yesterday, but you may have noticed it has just appeared this morning; please let us explain… We set off for a late lunch and a quick glass of vino. However, the Virginia Chardonnay was rather moreish and one glass quickly turned into a bottle, and then an extra couple of glasses. Then we noticed that the sun had gone down and it was cold outside. Taking refuge in a different warm and inviting bar/club/eatery on the way back to the hotel, we ended up clubbing until the early hours, got totally hammered – Kat is now a pair of sunglasses down, and a few empty containers of Thai food up. We had a great night and met lots of really cool people: James, a 71-year old party animal, his son Darren, who looked younger than Anthony but was 10 years his senior; and not forgetting Rita, who was the spitting image of Rihanna, and Shanna, who was the mirror image of Samantha Mumba.

…we’re off the see if we can collect some lovely photos of Richmond.

Us x

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