Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Runnin' Wild in Charleston

Preparing for a trip like this is no mean feat. A considerable amount of planning and expectation setting was required to ensure we would have the best experience possible. Throughout the 9 months of cataloguing, scheduling, researching and purchasing we received a lot of advice from family and recommendations from friends. Mary-Louise, a very dear friend of ours, had recently visited Charleston and was in awe of the place. Her rhapsodies of praise were definitely not over played. There are so many historic nuggets, amazing architectural experiences, very hospitable & generous people and great places to eat and drink. And of course not forgetting:

  • Condé Nast Traveller Magazine naming Charleston as one of the top ten places to visit in North America.
  • America's first museum, The Charleston Museum, was founded here in 1773.
  • The official beginning of the Civil War happened here at Fort Sumter in 1860.

… our (more like Anthony) personal favourite

  • Charleston maintains a ratio of 12:1. Yes that’s right; for every 1 guy there are 12 women, and we’re not talking about the types of women you’ll find queuing in your local KFC ordering a family bucket for 1!

With our heads still throbbing from the night before, we decided to venture out and witness first hand some of Charleston’s amazing facts and figures; we weren’t disappointed. Chaps, this place is amazing, great shops …and stuff! KatNav located King Street (much like the Kings Road in Chelsea) quicker than Audrey or Margaret could suggest to ‘Make a U Turn’; and then proceeded to make a purchase in the very first shop we saw, no kidding. We did eventually find a great place to eat that served ‘bottomless’ Mimosas and of course we accepted their offer to drink PINTS of Mimosa with a vain hope and belief in the ‘hair of the dog’ theory.

Its Thanksgiving tomorrow, and we’re going to take part in the celebrations. Don’t worry, we’ll research what the celebrations represent before blindly taking part in this historic American cultural event. Expect lots of photos tomorrow.

Still missin’ ya.

Us x

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