Friday, 20 November 2009

After Bite

We had a fantastic time at The Sunset Inn. We woke up, walked out onto the balcony and saw Sun was bright and tide was high, we were holding on to the thought that today was going to be another good day.

Before retracing our tracks back over the Uppy Down bridge (which was “uppy” of course, it being high tide – who was paying attention to yesterday’s blog?) then on the short 42miles to Conway in South Carolina, we took one last look at the beach…it didn’t disappoint.

Today was a tough old slog, lots of headwind and no hard shoulder to cycle on. We were pleased to finally be off the roads and arrive at the Motel, unfortunately the Motel didn’t really display many traits that said “welcome!” or “come and relax here!” We won’t go into details, as it would only worry our parents. So with doors bolted and dead-locked, Anthony set to treating Kat’s mosquito bites (from spending 2 minutes outside the room at Sunset Beach) … thanks to Anthony’s mum for buying us a many essentials for the trip including “AfterBite”.

Having beers and burgers watching trash TV… missing y’all more than you can imagine.

Us x


  1. Dear Ant & Kat

    Sorry to hear you hit a rubbish motel but on balance the reports seem to be more in favour of the homely inn than the Bates establishment. Also missing you both particularly on Fri and Sat nights after long weeks like this one.

    Lots of love
    MG & Tim x

    PS Fab photo of Anthony on the beach...

  2. Hi Beans

    You can tell us all about the "motel" once you are out of there! Hope tomorrow is not a rest day?!

    Did you know that Sunset Beach was my favourite soap opera - I used to watch it every day in the US. The best bit was the plastic rocks they used - so the real thing looks much better. They cancelled the show - can't imagine why?!

    Hope you managed to get some sleep tonight and the bites are better.

    LOL SB xx

  3. PS Before frightening my wife with further seaside nudity, please be so kind as to add some sort of "PG" certificate. She has taken to her bed with a cold compress. I thank you.

  4. Hi Dad and Kat
    I read your blog and it's good to know that your enjoying yourselves and it has been nice weather. I am missing you and I don't know how you could possibly think that 42 miles is short. Congratulations on passing your first 1000 miles mark.
    ps I am sending this message from Nannie and Grandad's house.
    Lots of love Joseph

  5. Hey Joseph,
    I love it when you comment, it brightens up my day.
    Loads more love Dad x