Wednesday, 4 November 2009

... cycling is like a bag of Revels

Forest Gump’s mother once said “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”. We would say that our cycling tour is like a bag of Revels. Yesterday was the coffee cream, whereas today was either the toffee or the Malteser…. You know what we’re saying. Yes, today was a bright, crisp beautiful day. No punctures. Garmins working. 60 miles done by 3pm, and an average speed of 12.4 mph. Cool.

And when we arrived, 7 comments on our blog. We’d like to say a huge thank you for all you wonderful folk who are commenting. The first thing we want to do when we arrive each day is log into the blog and see our messages. They mean a lot. However, we know that there are a few people (ourselves included) who are desperate to add a few words of wisdom (or perhaps support) but who are technically challenged when it comes to posting a comment on the blog, so if anyone has a few minutes to explain how you actually add these comments, you will be our hero!

So, tonight we are in Fredericksburg, a wonderful town in Virginia, steeped in history. The Kenmore Inn, where we are staying (see photo) is beautiful, and many many years ago housed George Washington’s mother. The wonderful Innkeeper, Terri, also gave us the best recommendation for a drink before dinner: the Capitol Ale House, which has hundreds of beers, and a bar with an ice strip to keep your beer cool (photo). Truly cool.

We are now very drunk…looking forward to our 55 miles tomorrow.

Us x


  1. Hi guys, got 2 reports in 1 go today so glad to see that you had a good day after the low point. Hope the good ones outnumber the bad. Curious mixture here, Table Mountain, gardens, Cape Point with seals, penguins, ostriches and baboons all wandering around. But then Robben Island with a prison tour by ex prisoner...too moving for words. Anyway enough of the news from here, looking forward to your next instalment, go badgers! Big love MG&Txxx

  2. I am so over the moon about actually seeing you along with your comments and landscape pictures. You both look absolutely fantastic I did ask in my last comment to keep us updated with pictures of yourselves and now I am sure that you receieved that message. You are both doing so well. Love you both Julia

  3. Although I lived in Shepards Bush for a year(92-93), I'm from brooklyn NY and have no idea what revels are- please explain.

  4. Hi K and A,
    I think I am y'all's official psycho stalker!!!

    I am loving following you guys! FANTASTIC! I posted the link on my facebook to friends, emailed friends, trying to spread the work as much as possible...

    Both of you are in my prayers...specifically for safety while you travel.

    Keep it up!! So inspiring what you guys are doing. Email me when you get close to Austin, and I can direct you to the best Tex Mex ever!! Also, let me know if you need a hotel recommendation or if you'd like to stay with my sister who has a lovely apartment in downtown Austin....

    Much love to both of you!