Monday 23 November 2009

Day 30 (dull, grey, cold and wet)

You won’t be surprised to hear that today ‘a rest day’, was again an opportunity for us to do our laundry. For some of you it is no wonder to read that we’re spending a significant amount of time in laundry rooms; it is where we met after all. Second only to loitering in laundry rooms Kat’s other vice (or virtue) is food. So with a pannier full of clean clothes and a fist full of dollars we headed down to the local (if you consider local to be a 2 mile walk down an 8 lane highway without a sidewalk/pavement) Appleby’s for a spot of wholesome non-fried food. Feeling a little healthier we headed back to the Hotel room, after a minor detour to Food Lion to collect an essential bottle of Chenin Blanc; one can never be too prepared!

We’re now psyching ourselves up for tomorrow’s 78 mile trek to Charleston. That’s like cycling from London to Swindon just in time to catch Trisha on daytime TV.

Us x

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  1. Dear Ant & Kat

    Charleston, home of that dance performed by flappers with fringe dresses (reminds me of Kat and Chava at Tim's party). That's OK to begin with but turns out that Charleston is also formerly the US capital of the slave trade. Even when the rest of the world banned international slave trading, it was apparently no problem to Charleston, they just developed a domestic US slave trade instead, simples. Check out the Old Slave Mart Museum, purchased by the city for its historical significance....

    On the plus side, I have checked out Thanksgiving Dinners in Charleston on Trip Advisor and seems like there are plenty of restaurants to go for. My favourite link was to an article was the one headed "Gobble, gobble all day" which should give you some inspiration whether you find a restaurant or not...

    Big love
    MG & Tim xxx