Saturday, 14 November 2009

Rest Day (Proper)

Not much to report today. A few photos, a bit of bike maintenance, some route re-planning, and some discussions about the American economy. The rain has stopped, and we are hoping that it will stay dry at least for the next few days. More after tomorrow...

Us x

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  1. Hi Ant and Kat

    I think you sent your torrential rain over here as it was terrible at the weekend. Its good to hear that you are getting on well and I enjoy reading all your posts as some are very funny. Although posted some time ago, I did like the one about the KatNav. Matt says hello and he passes on his regards; he did want me to pass on a special message to you Ant but I cannot repeat the exact words on here but its about keeping well greased... Lol
    Enjoy your rest and make sure you both take care.
    Lots of love and hugs