Saturday 7 November 2009

Resting in Richmond

…we skipped breakfast this morning and lunch as a matter of fact. We did finally leave the Hotel room and managed to complete a few chores, posting stuff back to the UK, searching for ‘mani-pedi’ establishments (but not finding any, much to Kat’s disappointment), servicing the bikes etc. Big shout out to Chip at Pibby’s Bicycle Repair who serviced the bikes and changed our tyres for a set of rubbers that according the marketing blurb don’t split under heavy use! …good thing really considering Anthony’s record.

New tyres on and chain gear nicely cleaned and lubricated we headed down to the Richmond Canal Walk (on the bikes though….well, who would walk?) to take in the atmosphere and admire the theatrical scenery.

Tomorrow promises to hold yet more adventures: we’re both looking forward to the short 35 mile stint, and then the 70 mile mega stage on Monday.


  1. What a wonderful goal, purpose and means of accomplishing it, your trip is!

    Janet and I just found out your URL today and will be watching and posting more in the coming days.

    "Janet" is Bridget's sister, a good friend of David and Sheila's. I am Janet's husband. We live in San Diego and would be delighted to put you up when you pass through. Sounds as if that might be around March or April. The timing doesn't make a lot of difference to us this far out.

    Sounds a bit scary on going through gangland inadvertently. Glad you had no negative incidents.

    More when we have collected our thoughts.

    Be safe and our warm regards,

    Janet and Bob Lear

  2. Hi Ant & Kat

    Glad to hear you've had some well earned R&R in Richmond, no doubt you needed to let off some steam. We just got back home from SA so will be able to take a look at your more recent pics, couldn't manage to download them on the iPod over there, too slow. So back to work for us tomorrow and on to the really hard part for you two, clocking up the first month. Keep pedalling, we will keep passing the URL on and encouraging people to DONATE!

    Take care, lots of love

  3. Hey ant - can't believe you are doing this! pretty awesome, and for a good cause as well! Will be following your trip, wishing you all the best mate!