Friday, 13 November 2009

What a difference a day makes!

Let’s recap! Wednesday was wet, Thursday was like… well if you have ever tried Water Skiing in the Atlantic Ocean (not on a lake…that’s for P&@@!%$’s), that’s what Thursday was like. So imagine our jubilation when we woke up, opened the curtains to our hotel room and saw a single ray of sunshine fighting its way through the grey clouds and drizzle…welcome to paradise baby!

Bikes packed and ready to rock n roll we headed south with the wind behind us (but in front of Kat unfortunately… Anthony blames it on the Fried Chicken). We had a ludicrously easy ride clocking in 31 miles (av. 14.7mph) quicker than George Bush could say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.

A quick word about the journey… (i) rotting Deer carcasses discarded at the side of the road smell worse than a smelly thing on a smelly day; and (ii) barking back at dogs doesn’t always work! Alex V, Anthony may have to use THE BATON of JUSTICE on those pesky dawgs

Tonight and tomorrow, we are in the historical town of Bath. In the 1690’s, a European settlement led to the founding of Bath, North Carolina’s first and oldest town. It’s beautiful here, staying at The Inn on Bath Creek; yet again the Land of America doesn’t disappoint. Of course, England also has a place called Bath, which provides archaeological evidence that human settlements were established there in 6000 BC…not that it’s a competition or anything! We have but only seen a minuscule part of America and have already passed by Windsor, Isle of Wight, Suffolk, Plymouth Donegal and even a Crouch End…proof that the English and Americans are two nations separated by the same language.

Friends, family, countrymen, Americans…we love you.

Us x

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  1. Dear Ant & Kat

    We love you too! Have been following your exploits all week in snatched moments during incredibly long working days. Tim banned me temporarily as he was getting tired of moaning about your cycling hours in the sun (this was before the rain) compared to my long days in the office, doing some more slashing & burning. Glad to hear you both sound so full of energy and in the groove with it.

    Enjoy the sun down south
    Love MG & T xxx