Saturday 21 November 2009

... c'mon baby lets do the twist

Apologies for the late post! We arrived at the Motel in Andrews with lots of time to spare looking forward to reading your comments and posting more interesting facts about the day today, only to find the Motel didn’t have interweb access; worse, no flippin’ hair dryer!

Before getting started with today’s events, we should explain that we’re both a little squeamish when it comes to Arachnida, which can be a concern when travelling coast-to-coast crossing through the wilderness. To help us address this issue, we brought a few essential items from the UK. One such item, which in Anthony’s view is the most important, had its second showing last night: the Silk Sleepy Sock. The sock is an ideal way to protect oneself from being ravaged by Bed Bugs at those select establishments where Arachnida can be seen with the naked eye, but fail to be included on the list of Motel room amenities. Thanks to the Sock we woke with all ten fingers and toes still present and correct, then set off opting to pass on the only breakfast available, a large open bowl of communal Raisin Bran!

Fortunately, 2 miles into the journey we found an amazing place to eat breakfast and got chatting to a really nice guy called Martin who paid for our food and drink. We were speechless! Yet another splendid example of Southern hospitality. It’s the second time we have had our food and drink paid for so graciously by the people of the South… thanks Martin and all ya’ll.

Breakfast was great! It kept us going for 2 hours (30 miles) without stopping. We did then stop to reenergise with Gatorade and Cliff bars, and set-off again across the very flat terrain and in ideal cycling weather conditions. We arrived in Andrews which claims to be the home of Chubby Checker (although he was not born there and never lived there!); with lots of time to spare, took a shower and walked a mile and half to the local Food Lion, bought a bottle of wine and some KFC, also stopping at Kat’s favourite place, CVS, to stock up on toiletries, water, Ritter Sport (best chocolate ever) and many other bits and bobs that Kat likes to buy. Sometimes it does feel a little like Groundhog day…

A few vital stats to finish the day:

  • Miles = 52
  • Mph = 14.9
  • Punctures = 0
  • Laundry visits in last week = 1 (not enough…)
  • Dollars spent in CVS visit = 48
  • Mosquito bites on Kat’s left foot = 17
  • Hush Puppies consumed = 17

Us x

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