Tuesday, 17 November 2009

“Fast changes arriving, slow changes are moving out!”

Tempting as it is to wage a war of well thought out and humorous words on the legend that is TWH, we have agreed to resist the overwhelming urge to entertain just one of our devout Followers with witty riposte and instead endeavour to bring a little sunshine and laughter into the lives of our devout Followers with stories you can all appreciate. That said, please feel free to critique, review or simply make any unwelcome suggestions about the Blog and we’ll give you all the time you deserve… TWH you deserve all our time as long as you share it with MG!

Back to today! Without “Helmet Cam” it is near impossible to describe the dramatic transition of scenery from State to State. From the intense bronzes, greens, yellows, reds and oranges of Virginia flora that abruptly refashion to the “kinetically challenged” fauna (domestic road kill) of North Carolina, today we were blessed with yet more metamorphosis. As we turned South onto the Topsail Beach coastline we witnessed the Sun kiss the Atlantic Ocean and the sound of surf endlessly breaking on the golden sandy shoreline. We hope this is a sneak preview of the coastline beauty we’ll enjoy over the next few days.

An update on the comedy tan-lines. Picture this if your imagination can stretch to such lengths. Take a piece of paper and cut to the shape of an “X”, large enough to span half the surface area of a Soccer ball (no offense intended). Put the X on your face and ride your bike for 6 hours in a Southerly direction with the full wrath of the Sun mercilessly beating down on your face. Ensure Sun Block wasn’t added before the 6-hour trek and upon arrival at your destination carefully remove said “X” and look in the mirror…voila Anthony. Kat says “safety before vanity”, Anthony says “damn those Sunglasses and Helmet”.

We’ve uploaded a few photos to provide insight into the “fast changes arriving” and hope you’ll feel compelled to book a holiday and come join us on stage of the Epic Journey. Oh yes, another thing about today; we found that mythical place “Shangri-Law”! If you lawyers out there can keep a secret it’s located on 3rd & Princess Street in Wilmington. Never have you seen so many lawyers happily moving from door to door, safe in the knowledge that behind every door is yet another law firm filled with like-minded people. Kat had a momentary injection of euphoria as we sat in the Courthouse Café observing the frantic behaviour whilst eating our delicious lunch.

Talking of food, we’ve just finished dinner! Who says fried food is bad? We’ll tell y’all who, those very same people who haven’t eaten North Carolina Hush Puppies.

Finally… we are now in Cape Fear. Do not panic, we are not alone now, there do seem to be a lot of people around, and Robert De Niro is not waiting in the Lobby talking Italian.

Us x


  1. I'm glad to see our Southern dialect and cuisine have rubbed off on you! You two will definitely like Charleston, SC, in that case. If you hadn't had them before, I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to try the shrimp-n'-grits... quite surprising (in a good way, of course).

  2. Dear Ant & Kat

    I am worried. Either you are losing your English vernacular or your marbles. What are Hush Puppies if you don't wear them on your feet or feed them and take them for a walk? How can you eat them? Never mind Robert De Niro talking Italian, sounds like you've gone a bit bananarama and are talking Amurcan. Explanations please. Blog still providing daily inspiration and aggravation to those of us who are office bound.

    Love MG & T xxx

  3. "Hush Puppy. A dumpling of cornmeal that is deep-fried, especially popular in the South. Although unconfirmed, the common assumption regarding the hush puppy's origin is that it dates from the period of scarcity following the Civil War, when cooks would toss scraps of corn batter to hungry dogs with the words "Hush Puppies!"

    ... these Puppies would have been better served 3 days ago during the reign of the Dogs of Hell!