Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Square Eyes

Today has been a rest day of watching screens. It’s amazing how many old films you can catch on daytime TV in the US. When we say old, we mean 80s, 90s etc – we’re not that cultured. Today, it was Sleeping with the Enemy, a Julia Roberts classic, which was apparently filmed mainly in South Carolina, despite the fact that it was set in Massachusetts and Iowa. Cape Fear, that we spoke about yesterday, was set in North Carolina, but filmed in Florida and Georgia. Weird.

Anyway, as well as watching movies, and trash TV (natch), we also spent hours on the laptop mapping out our GPS route for the next week or so, and playing with other features, the benefit of which you will see over the next few days, loyal Followers…

Kat spent some time Googling Gamines in an attempt to give proper names to the SatNavs, hoping that this might endear us to them a little more. Of course, Kat wants hers to be Audrey, but what should Anthony’s be called? We throw it open to our Followers for suggestions…

Last, but not least, we watched the entire contents of our panniers go round and round through the windows of the washing machines in the Laundromat. Well, we do like spending time in Laundromats… And today, we had run out of literally all of our clothes, having held off doing laundry for that wafer-thin day too long. So, with a refrain of “I heard it through the Grapevine” fading out in the background, we bid you all a good night.

Us x


  1. Here are some names for you:
    Abby or Abigail
    Gabe or Gabriel
    Michael or Mikey
    Ringo, ha

    Of course, I could spit out tons of names, but I think what would be good is if it had a name that could have a short nickname, so when you're happy with it you can call it the friendly nickname, and when you're mad, you can break out the given name in a stern voice like all good parents do. Good luck!

    tyler gallaher

  2. Kat

    If yours is going to be called Audrey (after Audrey Hepburn?) then Anthony's should be George after George Peppard (or even Clooney). Would make a handsome pair.


    PS Thanks for explaining the hush puppies

  3. How about choosing a character from AHB's favourite movie, Lord of the Rings, instead? Frodo anyone? PS our pal Jamie misses you and says hi. I asked for sponsorship, on your behalf you, since you had sponsored him so generously in the past.

  4. I think Anthony's should be called Margaret Thatcher although you might have a few problems with it because "the lady's not for turning" you know! So, all in all, the perfect name for an awkward female I think!

  5. Competition closed. The winners are Audrey and Margaret...Thank you, and Good night!

    Us x