Sunday, 22 November 2009

Moncky Business

The day started in a very similar way to the one before, with us peeling ourselves out of the silk sleeping sock. Yes, the motel was another skanky flea-pit … very Bates-like, to borrow a TMG-ism (thanks for the comments, guys). So, after a quick cobbled together breakfast courtesy of yesterday’s Food Lion expedition, we hit the road quick smart.

It was a short hop to Moncks Corner, our destination for a rest day prior to our lengthy ride into Charleston for Thanksgiving. At our rest stop we ran into the County Sheriff…not literally (thank goodness), although we did end up talking with him for quite a while. He confirmed what we already knew…our “cycle-safe” routes definitely take us the long way round! According to him, we could have been in Charleston by tonight, instead of which we had a 40 mile ride today, and we have a 78 mile ride on Tuesday.

Still, the routes have been pretty good so far. Today, we rode through the Francis Marion National Forest, miles of unspoiled woodland, where we barely saw any cars, though we did spot a few interesting fungi (just setting some of you comedians up for an easy joke or two…). And even the Gamines were moderately well-behaved today, after having an extremely mischievous day yesterday, “go figure”, as they say…

So, we arrived at our lovely, clean, non-infested hotel just in time to miss the rain. Result. We did, however, end up with pizza in the room again for dinner (sans alcohol – gotta love those Sunday trading laws), though not until we had already ventured out in the rain at Kat’s insistence to “see what’s there”. Tomorrow, we will explore a little more. Apparently, the film The Notebook was partly filmed around here. Hopefully Kat will be able to contain herself if we find out where, since she’s usually in tears less than 20 minutes into that film. We might even discover somewhere to get a decent glass of wine, though we won’t be asking Audrey and Margaret for help with that.

Us x

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  1. Dear Ant & Kat

    Just to let you know that we had dinner at Susan's on Sat night in Battersea with Susan, Simon plus Edward, Susan's hairdresser. Much talk about the two of you and your exploits so far although Simon still has't figured out how to track what you're up to. We were all missing you, of course apart from Edward who had no idea who you were until we showed him that photo - can't tell you how much he lurved it...

    Anyway not too long now until Thanksgiving and I'm assuming you get to put your feet up and have a decent break. Hopefully it won't be just the two of you in a hotel room sharing a pizza again whilst watching hours of junk TV. Based on what's happened so far, my bet is that you will be adopted for the festivities by a large and kind American family or at the very least a friendly diner owner with a furry pet, we'll look forward to seeing the photos.

    Love MG & Tim xxx