Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Rainy days and Wednesdays always get us down!

The great thing about English weather is that there’s always an ounce of hope that when you wake up to torrential rain it may not last throughout the day. Unfortunately we’re starting to learn that weather in the USA plays to a different set of rules… ‘what you see now is gonna get more intense later!’ Our ride today was wet, exciting and redefining. “Why redefining?” we hear you say. Let us explain… cycling in the rain and being passed by a Lorry travelling at 50mph, one will experience “spray” and an unnerving sensation of being “gently pushed” into the side of the vehicle. However; when you are passed by a Road-Train the length of Long Island in the middle of a Tropical Storm, the words “spray” and “gently pushed” don’t quite define the moment.

Despite being soaked and buffeted we had a fantastic ride, crossing the state line into North Carolina and out-running yet more Dogs of Hell. Typically we shift our 63lbs of equipment at an average speed of 11.5mph, ascending a total of 3000ft and spinning our legs around 56rpm. So when we arrived at our destination and learned we averaged 14.8mph over 61miles with a total ascent of 706ft, spinning our legs at 61rpm, it reaffirmed why we had such a great day today. Lets hope tomorrows experiences will be just as great as the weather channels predict Ida will be increasing her wind gusts to 50mph.

One last thing! We have decided that certain blog followers may have an unfair advantage over other followers when answering the competition questions. So this question is for UK followers:

“We’re collecting little silver discs, each one with it’s own design. When united they could be worth more than $12.50”. What are we collecting?

US x

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  1. Hi Beans - sounds like an exhilirating day! I think we can collect little disks over here and create a different picture?

    I enjoy reading your blog each day and finding out about your latest experiences. I also find it "interesting" to click on the "next blog" button after I have read yours - you get any number of strange subject matters that people blog about on a regular basis. Today it was a lady who tracks how many days it is since she got married and also since she had her baby - she blogs each day about what she's done. I think I need to find more time in my day to do this!!

    Look forward to the next instalment in your adventure!!!

    LOL SB x