Thursday, 14 October 2010

Dedicated to my cycling partner

For the past year we have been writing blogs for your and our entertainment. We were careful not to give too much away concerning who had written each blog, but we know a few of you could tell anyway!

No more guessing required for this blog! Its me Anthony ‘the badger’ Carey, and I write this brief eulogy in recognition of Kat ‘baby face’ Allison and her amazing efforts, contributions and support during our Epic Journey. There are far too many examples of her utter brilliance to write about, but I feel compelled to remind you of one such occasion when she fainted and then fell off her bike through sheer heat exhaustion, yet still got one her trusty steed without complaint and pedaled in agony for another 20 miles …awesome!

Kat you are great and thank you for helping me along this trip.

Anthony x

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