Monday, 11 October 2010

The Fat Lady Sings

It’s been a few days now since we finished our incredible journey. At times, it seems hard for us to remember what we have just done. But then when we look at our photos, it transports us right back there. Yesterday, we took Trusty & Steed up to Toga Bikes, where we bought them from a year ago, and had them packed up for shipping. It was an emotional time, and seeing them today all broken up, but fitting snugly into the boxes, it was hard not to shed a tear. However, hopefully, they will soon be back with us in the UK and ready to explore some of that fine land.

After some consideration, we decided to bring our flights forward, and will be flying back to London first thing tomorrow (Tuesday), arriving Tuesday evening London time. We’re looking forward to seeing our amazing families at the airport, and stepping back onto UK soil. Though we will miss the US desperately, and are sorry that we did not get time to see all the people whom we would have liked to have seen in New York.

We have many people to whom we want to say Thank You.

~ To those who have performed great acts of kindness when we have needed it most on our journey ~

Bob & Susie (Pinos Altos, NM); Jim & Susan (Fort Bragg, CA); Debbie (Fort Bragg, CA); John (Santa Cruz, CA); Oscar & Elizabeth (Petrolia, CA); Tracey & Jonathan (San Francisco, CA); Alfonzo (Glamis, CA); Jane (Prescott, Ontario); Jordan & Carrie (Orange County, CA); Garrett (Baton Rouge, LA); Marilyn & Bernard (Round Top, TX); Nick & Rachel (Detroit Lakes, MN); JB Royer (Round Top, TX); Farren (Newport, WA); Bob & Kris (Sagola, MI); Holly and Matt (Hayward, WI); Jim & Edie (Bodega Bay, CA); Lu & Jerry (Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH); Kevin & Sonja (Glendive, MT); The guys at the Dude Rancher Lodge (Billings, MT); David & Ramona (Ann Arbor, MI); Heather & Matt (Escanaba, MI); The Staff at Rockwoods (Otsego, MN); Anthony & Alexandra (Westport, NY); Kevin, Scott & Zac (Auburn, ME Fire Department); Dave & Kelly (Sunset Beach, NC); Meg & Dan (Twisp, WA); John (Georgia) and his granddaughter (Sarasota, FL); Catherine (Petoskey, MI); Pat & Chava (Los Angeles, CA); Bob & Janet (San Diego, CA); Valerie & Paul (Portland, OR).

~ To those who have done our laundry for us (a matter close to our hearts), or allowed us to use their machines ~

Cindy (Titusville, FL); Tony & Lisa (Wolf Lake, MI); the staff at the Holiday Inn Express (Cleveland, OH); Abigail (Branford, CT); Sonia (Winthrop, WA); Evelyn (Glendive, MT); Jeremy & Erin (Stillwater, MN); Brenda & Bruce (Middlebury VT); Jami (Bisbee, AZ); Chris & Deborah (Safford, AZ).

~ To those who bought us drinks, food etc ~

Bobby (Blanco, TX); Rebecca (Ridgefield, CT); Molly (Portsmouth, NH); Margaret (Harrellsville, NC); Anil & Gita (Derby, CT); Louis & Al (Middleboro, MA); Heather & Dave from Ocean Spray (Middelboro, MA); Keith (Naples, ME); Hayley, Steve, Dawn & Matt (Huron, OH); the staff at Chipotle (Bowling Green, OH); Laura (Minneapolis, MN); the guys & girls from the Thunderbird Camp (near Lake Bemidji, MN); Maddie (Wauconda Café, Store & Saloon, WA).

~ Each and every one of you that has donated to MS ~

~ Continuing support from Multiple Sclerosis Charities~

Laura (MS Trust UK)

~ Our followers, and especially all those who have commented on the blog ~

~ Our friends and family at home, who have been a constant support ~

~ Special mention for consistent commentators on the blog ~


~ The owners and staff at many of the bike shops that we have visited during our trip ~

Toga Bikes (NYC); Bath Bike & Ski (Woolwich, ME); Freewheel Bikes (Minneapolis, MN); Missoula Bicycle Works (Missoula, MT); Adams Cycles (San Diego, CA); Performance Bike (Tucson, AZ); Clearwater Cycles (Clearwater, FL); Bay Cycle & Fitness (Panama City, FL); High Peaks (Lake Placid, NY); City Bike Shop (Traverse City, MI); No Boundaries (Boyne City, MI).

~ Interesting cyclists whom we have met on our way around the US ~

The Rolling Rev (MI), Dave (TX), Wolfram (TX), Brian (TX), Russ & Laura (TX), Matt & Page (NM), Brian & Paul (CA), Eric (OR), Pete & Jenny (WA), John (WA), Paul (WA), Alan & Chris (MT), Dick & Arlette (MI); Mike (IN).

Finally, thanks to those who have made recent donations: SB, The Groveenders, Sue V, Ashvin, and Laurel & Terry.

It’s been an incredible adventure.

Us x


  1. Love you guys! Good luck with you future journeys!'
    Jim & Edie Partridge,
    PS We're gonna miss your blog!

  2. So it seems that I'm the most interesting person that you've met. I guess this is what you meant by putting me first. I am not sure whether that's good or bad. LOL

    You're probably resting back in your beds in the U.K. I'm glad that Steed and Trusty made the trips across the pond also. Alice says hello to them and she is getting used to be back on roads. My left wrist is getting better each day because of the anti-inflammatory medicine.

    I've got a few days off the road left before I get back on the road again. Not too sure where this section will take me or how long I'll be on the road but I'm willing to do it.

    I really enjoyed meeting you back in Michigan. If I hadn't left the White Pine Trail State Park Trail when I did, we never wouldn't have met. Good luck with any future adventures.

    Take care,

    In HIS Draft,

    the Cycling ("Rolling") Rev

  3. It's been so fun following you two on your great adventure! Congratulations and the USA will miss you.