Friday, 15 October 2010

Ode to A Honey Badger

Sometimes it’s not easy

Without making you all feel queasy

To tell you how wonderful the Honey Badger is

Riding along on Trusty in front

Of the rain, wind and hail he took the brunt

Pelted daily with flies and bugs

Even then, he was free with the hugs

From time to time there were broken spokes

But the Badger would just laugh and tell some jokes

When his hernia arrived and caused him so much pain

He simply dug in his heels and upped his game

Yes, the Honey Badger is a treasure and a half

With the unique ability to make us all laugh

So thank you, AHB, for being like that

You’re loved by us all, but especially by Kat.

Thanks sweetheart, I couldn’t have done this trip without you. You’re amazing.

Kat x

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