Sunday, 3 October 2010

Hanging on by a thread!

We posted a holding Blog yesterday because we were very tired last night, after a torque busting day of cycling followed by a late night of enjoyable eating and drinking.

With just 4 days of cycling left, we woke up yesterday morning in Branford to a welcome break from the rain and wind. However, despite the weather being perfectly set to blues skies, bright sun and mid a 60’s temperature, everything else was on its final legs. Steed (Kat’s bike) was making all sorts of noises from every single moving part and Trusty’s nuts (and bolts) were shearing and literally hanging on by their final threads. Even our clothes are looking threadbare and rather unsightly. We were feeling a little worse for wear ourselves. But, motivated by the short 46-mile ride into the very chic (if slightly snooty) town of Ridgefield, we set off with a slow and relaxed pace, which was fortunate. Although short, the ride was not what we would describe as flat. With over 4,000ft of climbing and an average speed of under 10mph (only ever done 4 other times) yesterday was one of the most mentally and physically demanding days of our cycling career.

We took a break halfway through at a Subway in Derby, run by Anil and Gita, who were very kind, giving us some food and drink gratis …thank you guys. The remainder of the day was just Hell! Climbing hills so steep we couldn’t help pulling wheelies and found it difficult to control the bikes at times. Our hellish day ended (not soon enough) as we arrived at the Elms Inn and then went for dinner at the Elms Restaurant next door where we met Mark, Deb, Jon and Rebecca (thanks guys for today’s comment).

… we slept in this morning, took a walk around town, had lunch outside watching an organised parade of dogs and their owners pass by on some kind of sponsored walk, then came back to the hotel to chill some more and watch Rocky IV on TV. We’re not sure where to eat tonight, but it will be a bit more subdued than last night’s outing, as we’re back on the road tomorrow.

And thank you Bill C for the US donation, we really appreciate your generosity.

Us x


  1. we're following your progress from beautiful downeast maine, where the autumn leaves are about 10 days away from peak color! keep in touch with us and have a great ride into the big apple!

    best, paula

  2. Not sure if you know but Dad is walking the Weavers Way over the next 2 weeks to raise money for Hope and Homes for Children. So I think you must be passing on the charity baton! Nearly there, bet you can't believe it, I can't. LOL SB xx