Tuesday, 12 October 2010

There & Back Again

Wow …what an adventure! We’re back in the United Kingdom, sipping wine and sharing stories with our friends and family. The trials and tribulations of snow in New Mexico, extreme heat in North Dakota and tropical storms in North Carolina are but a distant memory.

Leaving New York City is always an emotional and difficult thing to do, and waking up at 5am this morning made everything that little bit more difficult. So it was at 6:30am we were looking back over our shoulders in the back of an iconic NY cab as it emerged from the Queens Midtown Tunnel, gazing mournfully one last time upon the pulsating NYC skyline, patting ourselves on the back (aka snogging like juveniles) and shedding more tears.

The journey to NY JFK Terminal 7 was a blissful one. As soon as we arrived in the terminal building carrying our Panniers and Pan B’s we were greeted by the ever professional British Airways Ground Crew who treated us like Kings and Queens (Anthony hates it when he’s treated like a Queen) and showed an authentic interest in our journey. We have to give a big THANKS,HUG, KISS and WE LOVE YOU to the lady who changed our seats …you know who you are …you really made our day.

As we boarded the 747 the King & Queen treatment continued. We feel it’s unfair to single out individual members of the cabin crew, but unfortunately we didn’t write down everyone’s name. So we would like to thank Amita and Carola and all the cabin crew on the 08:40 BA0178 flight from NY JFK to LHR …WE LOVE YOU TOO. For those readers who haven’t traveled British Airways …three words …Just Do It!

Landing at Heathrow reminded us of how important family is. At the arrivals gate were David, Sheila, Susie and Leo who had driven over 3 hours to be there for their daughter/sister/aunt and James and Lyn who had the easier but no less important task of driving the 1 hour for their son …thanks Mum and Dad (and sister and nephew) for being so totally awesome … we’re loving you more.

Back in Olde Blighty now and enjoying the moment, but missing our American and BA friends …don’t forget to visit us in sunny London!

Us x

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