Saturday, 20 February 2010

1000 miles across Texas …done!

Old MEXICO behind us pka Tejas aka Texas, New MEXICO ahead of us and MEXICO beneath us …confused? Don’t worry; we have finally crossed the Lone Star State and arrived here on the edge in El Paso.

The last 3 days have been tough and we’re now chilling out in our hotel, the 7th tallest building in El Paso, Wells Fargo Plaza being the tallest (we scoured through the HTML pages of Wikipedia for some facts about El Paso and this was the most interesting). El Paso is a pretty cool bustling city and we’re pleased to say “adiós” to what has been our staple diet of Beer and Chicken Fried Steak for the past two weeks and “hola” to fresh salad and vino fino.

There’s not much to say about today’s ride. The road was smooth, the journey was a short 32 miles and the wind was strong but thankfully didn’t hamper our progress too much. It has been a fascinating trip through the mountains, valleys, rivers, canyons, ranches, city centres and historic southern towns of Texas; and we feel excited about starting a new chapter. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we’re going to rest tomorrow and do the usual laundry and route planning and then set out on Monday through New Mexico.

Happy Birthday James (Anthony’s dad).

Us x

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  1. Dahlings

    Well done on making it across Texax and into New Mexico. Radio silence in the last few days due to the damage wreaked during a couple of nights with Pat (it's hard to work by day and play by night especially on a school night, phew) plus complete over-excitement from a Brit winning a gold in the winter Olympics. Favourite newspaper heading for us was "Sister Sledge", ha, ha. Glad to see your story on MS Trust, hope it will bring a few more £/$ in. Keep it going.

    MG & T

    PS James, long time no see, but Happy Birthday from both of us!