Saturday, 6 February 2010

Lazing in Leakey

“Stop the Press” A rest day without doing laundry? We’re not complaining. Yesterday was sooo gut-bustingly difficult we just had to chill all day today. How those Tour de France guys do what they do is just unbelievable. And before any of you purists start mumbling under your breath in mockery of our comparison to the Gods of Cycling, you may want to know that yesterday’s cycling route was often used by the one and only Louis no sorry Neil no we mean Lance Armstrong for training and is still commonly used by USA Pro cyclists…so there.

Waking up at 11am (well it is the weekend) to more sunny and warm Texas weather, we promptly went back to sleep. We did, however, manage to do some productive things purely for the benefit of our loyal Followers! When you click on the Epic Journey map, you will now find a new and improved Photo Gallery. No longer will you have to scroll through lots of previously seen photos to view the latest additions, but now simply click the map and then select the state that interests you most… and enjoy.

Before we sign off… big thanks to the owners of Frio Canyon Lodge, Leakey, TX for making our stay great.

Us x


  1. Well done on the new style gallery - looks good!! Grey again here today after fog yesterday. So, hope you have a fun day's cycling and see some sun! LOL SB xx

  2. Hi guys

    See that you've hit 25% on your UK target and that you've got some more against the US one, well done and keep it up. Photo gallery looks good as do the business cards you sent, we're going to save them for JC's 50th party and then put them in the pockets of incredibly wealthy and influential people (well, it's the thought that counts, isn't it). Good luck with the next stage.

    Love & kisses
    MG & T xxx

  3. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you're liking the new gallery format. Weather here has improved, but expecting rain for the next few days. MG&T tell JC we said happy birthday.

    Missin' y'all