Sunday, 21 February 2010

El Resto

Our “Eat the Borderline” fans will be glad to hear that today, a rest day in El Paso, has been an orgy of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and wine… and we have loved it. El Paso doesn’t seem like Texas for some reason. Perhaps that’s because most of the El Paso metropolitan area is actually the other side of the border in Juarez, Mexico. We have a good view of that from our window on the 15th floor of the hotel but won’t be venturing over there. Backing up what we have been told by many of the bods that we have met on our travels, we are not surprised to read on Wikipedia that, as well as serving the best nachos around, Juarez is “the most violent zone in the world outside of declared war zones”. Talking of which, where is Anthony with those nachos…it’s hours since he went out…. No, don’t worry followers, we’re only joking, and we are heading in the opposite direction tomorrow, up to New Mexico.

We did venture briefly from our lovely hotel today…to do laundry of course. We had also thought about stopping by the El Paso Museum of History, which is just across the road, and has a Da Vinci exhibition on at the moment, but we didn’t quite get round to it. Apparently, it includes Leonardo’s version of the bicycle. Unlike Trusty and Steed, it has no comfy saddle, no gears and even no brakes… still, it was a first, so respect to Leonardo… Talking of Trusty and Steed, you’ll be glad to hear that Anthony spent quite a while today putting new rear tires on – they’ve lasted 1,250 miles since Baton Rouge, which is not bad at all, but given the large gashes that we found it them, it’s really quite amazing that we haven’t had more punctures…yes, we are touching wood as we type this.

So, we will be sad to leave our comfy little haven of loveliness (our hotel) tomorrow, but happy to be back on the road…though we’re still praying that the wind gods are going to be kind.

Us x

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  1. Hope that both made it safe from El Paso to Las cruses in the rainy weather. Was nice knowing both and good luck in the rest of your journey.

    Alex Torres From Crazy Cat Cyclery.