Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A McCaskill Day…

So, the snow forecast for today did not arrive, and it was beautifully sunny (if a little cold) all day. Takes us back to the sort of weather forecasts we used to get on BBC1 when we were growing up. Oh well! We had a good rest day, chilling out and generally saving our legs for tomorrow’s 85-mile ride, and significant climb (we haven’t calculated what that amounts to yet, but we have seen from the elevation chart that we have some climbing to do towards the end of the day). We returned to “the neighborhood” (aka Appleby’s) tonight and had some healthy food, with rice and vegetables. We’re such social butterflies (not).

We have our cold weather gear laid out tonight for an early start tomorrow, after a hearty and healthy breakfast, of course…nuff said.

Us x

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