Friday, 12 February 2010

Marathon Part II (Revelations of a Chocoholic)

Writers Block! Can we really write about the wind, ascents, road surface and the width of hard shoulders again… no because you guys would just get bored and think, “don’t these guys have anything more interesting to say?”

So what’s new and interesting in the world of Kat and Ant? Well, like Donkey in Shrek, Kat has found that when there is no TV to watch she can make an annoying noise by pursing her lips and sucking her teeth; and Anthony who was never really a chocolate fan, now consumes at least 4 Snickers (aka Marathons) per day and can often be found rummaging through Kat’s bag to steel her stash to get his fix. There are of course many more golden nuggets of information we would love to share with you but this Blog is PG-certified.

Speaking of multi Marathon experiences, we are over 4000ft above sea level in Marathon, TX. For the eagled-eyed amongst you, this is the second Marathon we have stayed in; the first being Marathon, FL where Anthony had his eventful and challenging 39th birthday. Hopefully y’all will be pleased to hear that today’s ride to Marathon, TX was not nearly as bad as the last. The sun was bright, the rain stayed in the clouds and, as we pedalled through and climbed up the sides of Sanderson Canyon, we saw some truly awesome views. We even had a rest stop at a designated picnic area to eat, rest and soak up the magnificent panoramic views… where is Helmet-cam when you need him most!

We’re staying at the Eve’s Garden tonight, an organic, eco-friendly bed and breakfast that is just too brilliant to describe in less than 300 words… thanks Kate and Clyde.

So without rambling on too much about the great ride, lovely weather, awesome scenery and fantastic accommodation…we’ll just say “Happy 21st Birthday Sheila (Kat’s mum)” and call it a night.

Us x


  1. Hi guys

    Sitting in La Raie full of chinese food and french wine. Holly says hello and wants to know "how do you lock your bikes up at night?".

    Love & kisses

  2. Hi Mark aka MG c/o Holly,

    No need to lock the old bike up at night, but Trusty and Steed often stay in the room with us!