Monday, 8 February 2010

Break for the Border

Apologies for not being able to post yesterday’s blog until this afternoon. We were staying at the historic Fort Clark Springs in Brackettville, TX, where the rooms are converted Fort Barracks made from solid stone. Lots of history and comfort, but limited modern technology we’re afraid.

We kicked off early this morning pretty confident that the short 32-mile ‘break for the borderline’ would be a leisurely experience and that we would arrive in Del Rio on the Mexican border with plenty of time to relax, do laundry, watch TV in our hotel room and switch off our alarm in preparation for tomorrow’s rest day. We did arrive with lots of time to spare but you couldn’t really describe the ride as “leisurely”. Resigned to the fact that heavy winds will always hit you head on, even if the night before they were happily slapping you on your back, we struggled, ascending through the first 20 miles on the most dreadful road surface.

We didn’t have the energy to battle against the odds and decided to take advantage of our slow pace and try to take in all the scenic variations! Problem was, there wasn’t any variety. Just one long very straight bumpy road with nothing either side…honestly nothing, just what looked liked a rusty old railroad on the left and arid land with wire fences on the right. We’re sure the region has much more to offer but unfortunately our route along US 90 Hwy took us straight through ‘the land that flowers and pretty things forgot’. Just as we were about to cycle across fields for a smoother ride, we realised that the Road had forgotten to apply its Clearasil for the first 20 miles… now cruising effortless on the 10 mile stretch of Clearasil treated membrane we began enjoying everything around us. We even bumped into yet another ‘More Intrepid than Us Explorer!’ Wolfram, a German guy 9 months into his cycle-tour from Germany through Asia and into the US. We had a long chat with Wolfram at the side of the road next to the USAF base, with Jet fighters flying overhead. Careful not to point the camera too high at the military flying equipment, we managed to get a photo of Wolfram (well done and good luck Wolfy).

The last 5 miles into Del Rio were very relaxing and we’re happy and relieved to be here, and shocked to see our progress on the map (check out the photos).

Us x

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  1. Wow - well done you two on 4000 miles! Isn't that about the same distance as crossing the Atlantic? Please don't get any ideas about sailing that next will you????!!!! Seriously, congratulations. Good luck with the border. Take care of yourselves. LOL SB xxx PS Thanks for the text - it helps. xx