Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Cruisin' on a Wednesday Afternoon

The first day of cycling after a rest day is sometimes like that Monday morning feeling before work, you know the type of day the “Boomtown Rats” and “The Carpenters” sang about. And just like The Carpenters version of that Monday feeling it was scheduled to rain this morning…and not just any type of rain; freezing rain! The silver lining in this cloud of a Monday morning was the arrival of tender Talwin and the exodus of evil Edwin. “All hail Talwin the bringer of Cycling Perfection”.

After polishing off a healthy and hearty complimentary breakfast at the Hampton Inn in Del Rio we packed up, said thanks to Patty & Dora behind the desk, and set out to actually ‘Bike on the Borderline!’ We had just cycled 3 miles when things got even better. The hard shoulder became as wide as a car-lane and the surface was so smooth, it was like riding on satin sheets. We didn’t speak much in fear of jinxing the magnificent riding experience. Fortunately the experience lasted all the way to the Motel…awesome!

The journey into Comstock, TX was glorious. The forecasted rain didn’t come and the scenery was vast. On our left we gazed upon the wide-open plains of Coahuila, Mexico in the distance, and to the right we saw some beautiful expanses of water and the rolling hills of Texas. Crossing the Amistad Reservoir we were curious to see how this stretch of water provided passage from the USA into Mexico without any visible border control. After taking some lovely pictures of the reservoir we set off again only to be stopped at a checkpoint a few miles later and asked to produce our papers…what did we say about no visible border control?

Safely through border control it was a quick 5 miles to the Motel. A fantastic little place in a tiny village called Comstock! Luckily, just across the road was the only restaurant in the village where we ordered chicken sandwiches and crisps for dinner. Whilst they were being cooked, we had a couple cans of Bud (well actually four cans, two for later) and played some pool.

We’ve uploaded the photos and are just about to pack as we have a 90+ miler tomorrow.

Nosotros X

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