Thursday, 4 February 2010

It's Raining Again...

We woke this morning in the cosiest room you can think of. The Meyer B&B in Comfort, TX certainly lived up to what you might expect of a B&B in a town with this name… The breakfast, cooked by Simone, and served in a large, airy, stylish yet traditional-looking room overlooking Cypress Creek was also truly divine. So it was a real shame when we had to get on our bikes and hit the road…especially as the forecast “light showers” turned into full-on torrential downpour about 45 minutes into the ride. Soggy indeed.

Still, it was only a short hop today; 21 miles into Kerrville, TX. It was supposed to be a little further but, finding a large “Road Closed” sign at our first turn (more rivers running across the roads we suspect), we happily stuck to the main highway, which was premier cru smooth, with a gentle gradient and a LeBron shoulder. We almost didn’t notice that we had climbed to over 1745 ft!

The idea of our short day was to make plenty of time for a few organisational things we needed to get done before we head out towards the wilds of West Texas. We managed to get a couple of loads of laundry done, routes and accommodation sorted and most important of all, a trip to the Drs for Trusty and Steed…

We were relieved to find a wonderful bike shop in Kerrville: Hill Country Bicycle Works, run by Adam and Lisa Salladin who decided to open a bike shop in Kerrville after stopping there on the way back to San Francisco after completing a 3-year, 30,000 mile bike trip all around the world. for thought. Anyway, Adam soon sorted out Trusty and Steed, including fitting them both with new chains, and correcting a few other problems, which we hope, will mean a much smoother ride for a while. We enjoyed chatting with Adam, and Kat was thrilled to find two cats on the premises, one of which was happy to sit and have his head and chin scratched continuously for about an hour and a half…

Some major hills tomorrow, and a 68-mile trip North West (against a NW wind…typical) into the middle of nowhere, and then a rest day. We’re not sure if we’ll have internet access, so don’t miss us too much if you don’t get another blog until Sunday (or even Monday).

Us x

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