Thursday, 11 February 2010

Cold, wet, long, dull, uphill day

As we stepped out of our warm motel this morning into the mist, we looked at each other, shook our heads and thought “why?”. When we realised that there was already so much moisture in the air that Audrey and Margaret’s screens were wet straight away, we tutted, leaned Trusty and Steed against the wall of the motel, and adorned ourselves from head to toe in our full-on rain gear. This was a good move, as within 10 minutes it was tipping it down.

Trundling along on the boneshaker road surface that seems to cover every inch of the roads around here, after around 30 miles we reached a store/gas station. Realising that this was the last out post of “civilisation” until the next grocery store 70 miles into our ride, we decided it would be rude not to stop and have a coffee and snickers and to stand in front of their calor gas fire (not too close mind you, not sure if that rain gear is flammable). As we stepped out again into the freezing cold rain, squelching as we walked, we looked at each other, and without a shake of the head, thought “`why….no, really, why?”

You get the picture. It was a tough ride. When the rain stopped and the sun eventually came out, the climbing started in earnest. We ascended over 4,000ft in our 90-mile ride today, with a net difference of 1,200ft for the day i.e. we are now 1,200 ft higher than our starting point this morning.

As we bent down this evening to stuff our damp shoes with newspaper to dry them out overnight, our legs told us all we needed to know…. Supper was a couple of microwave meals from the gas station across from our motel. Say no more. Sunny tomorrow apparently. Tomorrow is a new day!

Us x

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  1. This was obviously more on the "rough" day all ways you look at it. Let's hope tomorrow is a "smooth" day. Hope you dried out ok. LOL SB xx