Monday, 6 September 2010

Au Revoir les Canadiens

It was like meeting old friends over our healthy breakfast of fruit and waffles this morning. We chatted some more with Rob and Marie-Josee about the joys of touring, cycling, riding motorbikes, Harley Davidsons and Fatboys. As Marie-Josee was expressing how one day she would like to ride her own motorbike rather than riding pannier behind Rob, she mentioned a few makes and models that could fit the bill. Problem was, being a die-hard Harley man, Rob vehemently objected to her mention of said Japanese sports bikes, and if cost wasn’t a consideration, recommended she get a Harley, explaining that once she got used to the weight of the bike, she’d love the feel of it. And who are we to argue with Rob’s testimony, as he recounted that he, quote “… once saw a girl riding a Fatboy!” much to the amusement of everyone in the breakfast room. We loved chatting with Rob & Marie-Josee and invited them to see us in London if they ever decide to tour Europe on the bikes. And before leaving, we managed to take a quick photo of the “German Girls” and find out their names: Nina & Anna. Surprisingly, they left for their Tour from NYC and have visited many of the same cities as us …safe travels for the rest of your trip girls!

Our travels today were very safe! Mainly due to the 30 miles of cycle paths and very quiet county highways that followed the path of Fleuve St Laurent. The region between Gananoque and Cornwall along the river is known as “Thousand Islands”, because there are about umm, 1,000 little islands scattered throughout the river. We took a few photos to try and capture its beauty and were amazed to see, no matter how small the Real-Estate, how someone will find a way to build a castle on it. It is said that “No man is an island”… we’re not sure we believe that anymore.

Despite leaving late this morning at 11:18am, we arrived in Prescott, ON just before 3pm, to a fanfare welcome from Jane and Geoff, the owners of The Colonel’s Inn. There’s a lot of interesting history about Prescott, too much to mention on the blog, but Wikipedia does a great job of listing all the facts. Lucky for us, Prescott also hosts a selection of casual yet authentic eateries all within spitting distance of our B&B. Geoff and Jane encouraged us to pay a visit to The Red George Public House Inc. and we weren’t disappointed with the Chicken-Pot pie, beer, white wine… and garlic bread for dessert. Yes, that’s right, garlic bread for dessert: we were famished. Everything about this evening was made perfect by the hospitality of the Manager, Scott, and our waitress, Erin. And just as we were leaving we got chatting to the Crapnell and MacKay family who were very interested in our trip and kindly donated to the cause …thanks guys.

Back in the USA tomorrow

Us x

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