Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Hotel New Hampshire

We met a lot of lovely people whilst staying at The Norwich Inn and leaving this morning was no different. After a large and very fulfilling breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant, we scurried back to our hotel room to get the bikes ready for our long ride over some serious climbs. Making our final lubrication and pannier fastening checks in the rear car park, we got chatting with some fellow cyclists who were just about to begin a 35 mile ride in and around the area, and 2 ladies, one of which we met the night before, who were sincerely interested to hear our story a second time. We eventually finished preparing the bikes and managed to cycle all of 20 meters to the General Store at the front of the hotel, to buy fluids and peanuts, when we got chatting again! to the two cashiers in the shop. One of which, Ben Ryan, is the son of Lloyd H Kasper –Dept of Neurology, Dartmouth College MS research and Director of local MS Clinic. We hope they’ll be following the blog.

So it was a busy morning and despite our early’ish wake up, it was 11:30am by time we got rolling. The featured item on today’s menu was sauteed hills in a hill reduction with a side of hills and hills! It rained on and off all day but for the majority of the time it was bright and sunny around us, fairytale mists crowning the mountains high above us, and a slippery wet sheen beneath us. However the treacherous road surface didn’t stop us from enjoying both sides of the mountains! You must understand that when sweating blood and tears for over an hour climbing a steep high mountain, all you can think about along the way is getting to the top, and when you get to the top you feel like a God. High and full of euphoria, you are then eager to feel like a kid again and zoom down the other side …and we wanted to feel like kids again So you will all be pleased to hear that, 6 miles from our destination soon after conquering the last ascent, Anthony became ONE with Trusty and hurtled down the slippery wet mountainside, sweeping around bends faster than Lewis Hamilton managed to do in last weekend’s GP and broke his land speed record. A very respectable 50mph/80kph in the wet…awesome and scary! Needless to say the final few downhill miles brought us to our hotel in the ‘shake of a lamb’s tail’.

Dinner was a rushed affair this evening. Tomorrow’s ride will be a longer, higher and harder, which will require an early start tomorrow morning… …no excuses this time. We also had to do some laundry and plan some routes.

Everything was done in time, apart from the blog, so apologies for the late posting. Before we go, a quick mention to Joseph, Anthony’s son, who is doing a charity fun run on September 25th, raising money for cancer research …good luck Little Fella. Our followers can donate to Joseph’s cause by clicking here –-> donate to cancer research cause Joseph is keeping fit and doing something good.

A new state today, another state tomorrow: Maine.

Us x

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