Friday, 17 September 2010

Cream Crackered

For some reason the last few days have taken it out of us! It’s strange because the people we have met recently on our trip say to us “you must be in great shape by now” after we describe our adventure so far. And we would agree with them: we should be. Yet we find ourselves with aching muscles and just wanting to spend all day sleeping, or at least lying down, and doing as little as possible.

So, being kind to ourselves, that’s just what we did today. We ventured out briefly to wander up and down the small, cute high street in Bath and buy a latte and cupcake (!) but otherwise we limited our activity to some essential admin and (of course) laundry. Following our stomachs again, tonight we will go out for a quick bite to eat and then try to get an early night… zzzzz.

On the bikes again tomorrow, heading North East along the Maine coast.

Us x

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