Sunday, 5 September 2010

It's All About (the) U

This trip always keeps us guessing. Some days, we can cycle for miles without encountering a sole, or at least anyone who wants to talk to us (or who we want to talk to). Other days, we can be inundated with people who we meet who inspire us, and who we want to wax lyrical about on our blog. We’re pleased to say that today followed the latter example!

As we ate breakfast at our hotel in Napanee, the lovely lady who was in charge of the very fine breakfast, a Kiwi called Sandra, sought us out as she had seen us arrive yesterday, slightly dishevelled from the wind, and was interested to find out what we were up to (and perhaps us coming to breakfast in our cycling gear gave us away too). We had a good chat about the vagaries of the Toronto traffic (a phenomenon of which Kat had been blissfully unaware) and life in the area.

Stepping outside the hotel, we found that it was ****ing freezing! Not quite long-trouser weather, but we were both headfirst digging out our musty smelling Windstoppers from the bottom of our panniers for the first time in months. And then, a couple of miles in, we were dismayed to find that what we thought might be a short, light rain-shower was showing signs of turning into persistent drizzle. We dealt with it as Brits always do. We ignored it for about 30 minutes, hoping it would pass and being unwilling to admit that it was raining, and then we stopped, admitted our denial, and donned our raingear. Within 5 minutes, the sun was out and there was not a cloud in the sky. How? Why?

With a small push today from Talwin, we pedalled on to the next big town, Kingston, where we first stopped for Anthony to mend a puncture on his bike, and then for a spot of lunch. Our server, Jeff, was a downhill cyclist (riding hell for leather on a heavy mountain bike down a ski slope in the summer months). Some of his stories, particularly those of his various “tumbles” made our eyes water, and encouraged Anthony to order another beer. Good God people, it is Labour Day weekend after all…

Wending our “merry” way out of town, we soon found that it was necessary to make another stop. Well, a pint and half of Barley Days doesn’t disappear all by itself. Usually (i.e. 99% of the time) it’s Kat who’s crying pitifully that she needs to pull into a side road or a forest clearing for a quick “comfort break”. But today, it was Anthony’s turn. Luckily, we found the Treasure Island Marina where Mike was washing down one of the boats, and kindly not only let us use their washrooms, but also donated $20 to the cause, as well as entertaining us with a few stories as we chatted away in our animated state.

It was only a few more miles further on, and we reached Gananoque ON, our destination for tonight. We were rather surprised to arrive at our B&B to find the German girls that we had met at Hill and Dale Manor in Port Hope just getting out of their car as we rolled in. Hilarious! Hopefully tomorrow morning, we will find out more about their trip, and perhaps even their names…

This evening, we strolled into town, stopping to eat at the restaurant with the most distinguished name: Anthony’s … of course. We had some satisfying comfort food, and a lovely evening courtesy of the wonderful staff: Connor (our fabulous server – apparently we were his first ever table, and he did a fantastic job); Danielle (Connor’s big sis); Angie and Cindy. Thanks guys and gals.

Staggering back to our B&B, we met a couple of fellow guests, Rob and Marie-Josee, who were on their way out to walk off their dinner. We had a great chat before turning in for the night.

Finally, logging on to the computer, we found a generous donation from Dave and Jeanne at Hill and Dale Manor – chaps, you’re grrreat! And a comment from our friend the Rolling Reverend, who we met in Michigan, and who has cycled over 200,000 miles over the years for charity – Go Rev!!

Us x

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