Sunday, 26 September 2010

Tri-State Ride

It’s late, we’ve just finished dinner at a local Thai Restaurant and we’re back in our very comfortable hotel room watching TV and of course writing the blog.

The day began with us waking up at 7:30 this morning, packing our Panniers early and then meeting our fellow guests over breakfast. Lori, a super fit athlete, and her friend Joy were on a shopping and general pampering break, whilst Alice and Bill were visiting the area to attend a variety of theatrical and musical events. We all chatted for ages before eventually saying our farewells and going our separate ways.

Our plan for today would take us through 3 states, ending up 71 miles SW in Boston, Massachusetts. For the most part the ride was great. The tail wind pushed us along beachside highways at speed, with grand views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Sun shining bright. As we sped along, we saw hundreds and cyclists riding in the opposite direction as part of an organised ride from New Hampshire to Maine. We sympathised with their situation, with many of them displaying painful expressions on their faces as they struggled against the brutal headwind. …been there, seen it, done it.

The final 15 miles into Boston were pretty hairy! Not only did we have to battle against rush our traffic across many an 8-lane highway on awful road surfaces, but the light levels were dropping and we had to ride with extra vigilance. We had a few close calls with the traffic, but made it to our hotel safely.

Not long now.

Us x

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