Wednesday, 8 September 2010

This could be Pots-er-dam or anywhere!

Just another short blog, sorry! We rested today here in Potsdam, New York Baby! Ummm ...getting a little jaded of saying that now, but no worries, the next time we arrive in the Empire State it will truly be the beginning of the end of this ‘crazy journey’. But before we start to give too much away of what our final reminiscent/nostalgic Blog may sound like, let’s refocus on today.

You’ve heard it all before: laundry, route planning, hotel booking, UK Admin, Thai Food, watching Criminal Minds, buying inner tubes and not drinking alcohol (honest); another perfect day. We’re back on the road tomorrow and heading into the Adirondacks. That means more hills!

We’d like to give another heartfelt shout out to all the crew at the Cambridge Suites Hotel in Toronto for their generous donation …much appreciated.

Us x

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  1. OK - so we've not heard it all before - NO ALCOHOL???!!! I am not sure those 2 words have been seen together in this blog too often?!

    Just to say LtL started walking yesterday :-)
    LOL SB xxx