Sunday, 19 September 2010

Quack, Quack, Oops

We awoke to the sound of ducks on the river below our window. They were a raucous bunch: a few white ducks with orange bills, a couple of black ducks, and a whole stream of grey juvenile delinquents with a lot to say for themselves. By comparison, the Mallards were impeccably behaved!

After a hot shower, a couple of breakfast bagels at the cafĂ© next door, and a large coffee, we were well and truly awake, but still not particularly enthused about getting back on the road. It’s difficult to explain really. Perhaps it’s our bodies telling us that we have been pushing them too hard for a very long period of time, or it’s a psychological thing because we are so close to the end. Suffice to say that we gritted our teeth and jumped back on Trusty & Steed, knowing that we only had a 36-mile ride today from Camden, ME into Bucksport, ME.

The roads started off as their usual challenging selves. The road surface in Maine has been particularly difficult in places with small or no shoulders and the worst kind of broken up road surface: long, wide cracks in the direction of travel… just big enough for a tyre to slip down and throw you off balance. Still, we stayed upright and soon rolled into the small town of Belfast where we were chuffed to find a large Co-Operative supermarket. We haven’t seen one of these since Bozeman, MT and consequently ran around like kids up and down the aisles wowed by all the fresh and good quality produce. We decided to buy some cheese, crackers, wine and fruit for dinner tonight, and left feeling like all was good with the World. We also met a nice couple outside, and chatted to them for a few minutes before heading off again.

The road improved dramatically after Belfast, and before we knew it, we had arrived at our motel in Bucksport. We found that we had completed over 2,000 ft of climbing, despite the short distance we had travelled, but didn’t feel too bad for it.

We’re looking forward to an evening just totally chilling out, putting our feet up and watching TV. Bar Harbor tomorrow: the North-East turning point of our trip.

Us x


  1. Note from the Grovenders on their trip via SB:

    We hope that Trusty has recovered from his near-death experience - did he see the celestial lights as his life flashed beore him? Hope it is plain sailing from now to the "big apple". Love to you both from us both. (We will catch up on the blog on our return from Krakow on Thurs.p.m.)

  2. Hi Ant & Kat

    Just checking in from the MS Trust to see how you're getting on. Must be very strange to be so close to completing your trip, hope your last 3 states go well and that you're looking forward to reaching your destination. You'll probably need a holiday after all this! You've done so well, enjoy the last bit and I look forward to catching up with you again soon.

    Best wishes,

  3. Hi There,

    Sorry to read about "Trusty" breaking down. I know how that feels. I've had a few close calls this year with "Alice" (bottom bracket, headset, and rear tire sidewall blowout). I've stopped at the bike shop in Bath before.

    I can sympathize with you on how bad the roads are in Maine. I rode along the Maine Coast last year. The roadway will get better when you get closer to Portland.

    Well, I might be at the end-point for this year's trip. I arrived at my friend's house outside of Lexington, South Carolina near Columbia yesterday afternoon. I'm tuckered out from the trip this year (a little over 7,500 miles). Alice needs a break and my left wrist isn't still fully recovered from the mishap back in Pennsylvania 4 weeks ago.

    Will be reading your blog to see how the rest of the trip goes. You are getting closer and closer each day.

    Take care and I'll be praying for you.

    Your friend ,

    The Cycling Rev

  4. Hi K & A...It was so great meeting you both today. And I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed reading bits and pieces of your blog. What an adventure! If I can get my act together maybe we can go out for a boatride on Frenchman Bay over the next few days. I'll keep you posted!Hope your trip to Bar Harbor was good. It's a crummy road, but Acadia is so beautiful. Enjoy it! The Quimby House will be able to help you with the bus schedule for the island if you want to venture beyond bar harbor. Check out Sargent Drive...the fjord is located there. And Sicily....I'll meet you guys there, the biking is wonderful. Hope to see you. Get in touch if you need any tips...Carry On, Leslie

  5. Okay you guys...I just took an hour looking at your photos and being amused by the comments that you wrote. I have been to many of the places that you shared in your album so it made for lots random memories popping up. What a trip! How about having the local newspaper interview you when you come back through Ellsworth. This is such a great story. Let me know what you think. It could be fun for you while making a wonderful story. Many people pass through Ellsworth on their way to Acadia, but your adventure tops them all! Have fun on Tuesday! Cheers! Leslie

  6. hi anthony & kat! it's paula from bucksport, and wasn't it a thrill to meet you two today at the maine grind!! congratulations for an incredible achievement and we hope you will keep in touch - and you've got a berth here in bucksport any time you're in the neighborhood with me and david, my hubby. enjoy your fantastic adventure, particularly in our beautiful acadia national park - and take les up on that boat ride - she's a very experienced sailor with lots of know how about our beautiful maine waters. and indeed, please do contact our local paper - your local reporter would be letitia baldwin - - tell her leslie & paula sent you!! happy trails and safe travels - keep in touch and enjoy every day in lovely downeast maine! in awe, i am, yours, paula