Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Sun Always Shines On TV…

… but it didn’t shine here today, at all! It was raining when we woke up, when we set out on the bikes from Potsdam, NY and when we arrived 60 miles later in Saranac Lake, NY (or Packamac Lake, as we have affectionately named it).

It was a ride that transported us right back, in our minds at least, to some of our days in Washington State. And not just because it was raining constantly. With total climbing around 3,500ft, and our end point being 1,100ft above our start point, we were back in the “granny gear” for some of today. It was cold too.

To add to the challenge, it was Kat’s turn to have a sidewall failure in her tyre today. Luckily this occurred as we were going uphill rather than downhill, but it was suitably dramatic nonetheless. Of course, it wasn’t fun changing the tyre by the side of the road, getting colder and colder, and digging into the bottom of the panniers for the spare tyre in the pouring rain, but we can’t really complain given that this tyre has been on since Missoula, Montana…

Tonight, we arrived at our hotel in the centre of Saranac Lake, and couldn’t wait to get warm and dry. We were soon out again packing in some pasta and garlic bread at nearby Little Italy, where our waitress Christine looked after us well. We’re now back in the room stuffing newspaper in our soaking shoes and hanging our rain gear from Trusty & Steed’s handlebars. It’s a glamorous life… when the sun shines.

Us x

P.S. Congratulations to Kat’s nephew, Leo, on his first steps. We’ll have him on a bike in no time (or the wagon …only joking Susie)!

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