Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Great Escape

OK, so this time, we are talking about the car. Today, we hired a Ford Escape and retraced our steps/tyre prints along the Maine coast by driving from Bar Harbor Airport to Portland, ME.

After a great breakfast at 2 Cats, across the road from our hotel, and a quick word with the resident cat at our hotel (a rather elegant grey feline with white socks and a hunting physique), we were on the road again. We cycled the 13 miles back across the island to the airport, this time finding a much better route that kept us away from the traffic and somehow also managed to have a better road surface as well… how does that work again?

Once in the rental car, we couldn’t believe how quickly we were eating up the ground, including the road works and dug-up road surface… but we also experienced a strange phenomenon. In the past, we have noticed that walking is no longer a natural movement for us. Our muscles ache as our legs try to go in a circular motion, and we keep expecting to be able to see people behind us in our helmet mirrors. When we realise that we don’t have our cycling helmets on, our heads feel strangely naked. Today, driving along, Anthony found himself taking his left hand off the steering wheel to point out pieces of debris on the road as he gently swerved to avoid them. We wonder when we will start to be normal again?!

Anyway, averaging around 50mph rather than our usual 12, the 125 miles went by in a flash and we arrived at Portland airport, and our hotel. We took advantage of the Manager’s reception in the lobby, knocking back a couple of free glasses of wine, before ordering some Thai food. Tomorrow, we’ll find our way into the city centre to have a look around, and then it’ll be back on the bikes again.

Us x

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