Monday, 21 June 2010

Bi Bi Bison

With just under 90 miles to complete today, we had to be disciplined this morning. No more waking up at 9am, meandering through breakfast, watching TV and eventually having wheels rolling at 11:45am; and then having to cycle all day against a swirling head wind, ultimately leading to a late 8pm destination arrival feeling knackered and rushing to find somewhere to eat …oh no she did’ent! Instead, the reformed Ant and Kat packed their bags, made sandwiches, and neatly folded cycle gear on the desk chair in the corner of their hotel room, the night before, ready for this morning’s planned 8:30am departure. Who would have believed it? We actually were on the road before 9am! Despite the morning chill, it was great rolling along, singing a song, side by side.

Visiting Yellowstone National Park is an experience we’ll never forget. So many of our friends and family would thoroughly enjoy a holiday here. Needless to say, leaving the National Park was a pensive affair. As we cycled along Hwy 191 following the Gallatin River for about 60 miles through forests and open pastures, we kept one eye on the vast magnificent scenery (sorry no pictures this time, we just wanted to enjoy the moment) and one eye trained like a sniper on the dense wooded areas that could be housing a 600lb predator with 4inch claws, 3inch teeth and an ability to run 30mph. Some how not being safe inside a big V8 powered Ford Mega Bus puts meeting the wildlife of Yellowstone into a whole new perspective. Fortunately for us all we saw was a Cow of the Elk kind.

As we said earlier, leaving the Yellowstone area was quite sad, but we were still in good spirits because the road from West Yellowstone to Bozeman, MT was a gentle downhill for ¾ of the ride, the sun was shining, the wind was on our backs for ½ the time, the road surface was lovely and the shoulders were OK’ish. All together this meant we were able to average 15.1.mph over 90 miles and got to our motel at 4:15pm …we gave 8 out of 10 for today’s cycling experience.

Before we go we’d like to say thanks to Lee Bashaw, a baseball player we met a service station who kindly donated to the MS cause.

Us x

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