Thursday, 3 June 2010

We’re Lovin’ It

Seems like the sun and the rain are on a job share this week. One day on, one off. Today it was the rain’s turn to stay at home with the kids watching daytime TV…

It was a glorious day as we cycled 53 miles from Republic WA to Colville WA. Although we tackled Washington State’s highest maintained pass, the Sherman Pass at 5,575ft, it didn’t seem anything like as tough as our slog yesterday, and the views on the way up, and from the top were definitely worth it. Being treated to 25 miles of downhill without having to worry about slippery, rainy roads was also a blast. Weeeeeeeeee. Oh, and a quick hello to Paul, who we met at the top, and good luck for your ride along the Northern tier to Vermont.

We’re now quite a way inland and, as if to prove our theory that the further you get away from the coast, the more difficult it is to find good, healthy food, we found ourselves back under the “Golden Arches” for supper tonight. We had booked a motel that claimed that it was near the town’s restaurants, and the girl at reception merrily recommended the family restaurant just next door. However, striding with hungry anticipation to said building, we found it closed down … So, we are now overdosed with burgers, fries, chicken strips, and in a vague attempt at getting a portion of vegetables, south western chicken salad. We’re saving the dollar menu apple pies for breakfast tomorrow!

And now for some sad news. After Margaret’s recent antics, we were surprised to find that, out of nowhere, it is Audrey who has given up the ghost. With no warning, she just failed to charge up last night and is now in a permanent vegetative state. Unless we can find a cure for her, or (more likely) until we can get an Audrey replacement, we’ll be wholly reliant upon the changeable moods of Margaret to get us to our destinations.

A long day tomorrow right to the border of Idaho. Rain is forecast… what a surprise.

Us x

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