Wednesday, 16 June 2010

We Rode Through the Valley to a Pass with No Name

It was a rainy day for our 70-mile ride in from Dillon, MT to Ennis, MT. Perhaps the rainiest we have encountered for some time. It was touch and go as to whether we would tear ourselves away from our cosy room at the Best Western and hit the road. Despite our receptionist, Melissa, trying hard to persuade us to stay an extra night, the lure of Yellowstone was too strong to let a bit of rain stop us.

The ride started with a 28-mile stretch of road with no services and pretty much no landmarks to give us a hint as to where we were, except of course the Beaverhead Rock, which has a historical significance, but had us thinking up titles on a theme of Bevis & Butthead, or Beaverheads & Wet Butts etc etc, but none were quite good enough to make the grade.

Pulling into the small town of Twin Bridges, soaked to our skins, we spied some conveniently located public restrooms, which seemed like an attractive alternative to the usual gas station routine. We disappeared into the Ladies and Gents respectively, and emerged several minutes later gushing about how warm, clean, pleasant smelling they were. Since there wasn’t a soul around, we gave each other a cheeky glance, and then decamped into the Ladies restroom, with Trusty & Steed in tow for a Blow Job… Although Anthony is a fan of George Michael, it was not that sort of BJ … though we did want to go Outside in the Sunshine, instead we moved in a Different Corner and, taking our inspiration from Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan, put the hand drier to good use and soon started stripping off and drying every possible item of clothing and bits of our bodies under the warm air stream…ahhhhhh.

It rained hard for pretty much the rest of the day, save perhaps for the 15 minutes or so that we stopped at a gas station to eat our carefully packed bagels with peanut butter and jam (eating them in the Ladies restroom was a stretch too far). But we continued to soldier on, pedalling through the historic Gold Rush towns, and then up and over a further 7,000ft pass. Cue Magnus Magnusson:

Q: What do you call the 7,000 ft pass between Virginia City, MT and Ennis, MT?

A: Pass.

R: Correct.

Yes, a pass with no name. What is the world coming to? Anyway, it was a fast descent the other side into Ennis, our destination for tonight. We topped out at 47 mph in the wet with no tucking. In retrospect, we could easily have broken the 50 mph mark but we were so cold. If only we’d known.

After a hot shower and much washing and rinsing of gritty gear, we ambled into the restaurant at our motel, and had a good chat with Dave and Jeff, pilots from Utah who were up here on business. Apparently flying here in the rain is a bit quicker and drier than cycling…hmmm.

That’s pretty much it for the day. Save for the important matter of naming Audrey’s Replacement. A big thanks to SB and the GroveEnders for your suggestions: they’re all very clever and we are, as always, impressed with your entertainment knowledge. However, we’ve decided that the new Gamine will be called “GaGa”, after Lady GaGa. OK, so she’s not really a Gamine, but the new Gamine is definitely a new kid, and she is as badly behaved as Lady GaGa. She also had a similar taste in clothes until we pulled the clear plastic coating from her screen. So, now we have Lady Margaret and Lady GaGa pitting it out against each other…an interesting combination, we’re sure you’ll agree.

And finally, thanks very much to John and Jane Duncan for their donation. We’re pleased to hear that Jane and Jayne have been keeping up with our progress, and hope that they are both doing well.

Us x

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