Saturday, 19 June 2010

Mellow Yellow!

Hi Guys,

Not much to say about today. We’re still feeling positive and enjoying ourselves despite constantly feeling out of breath. Spending time at 6,666ft can leave one wheezing like a ‘lover of Fast Food’, even after performing the simplest of chores, like walking. Despite the thin air, we did manage to do the usual, cleaning a few clothes and finding a supermarket to buy tonight’s supper.

We weren’t put off by today’s CNN Breaking News of a man out hiking being killed by a Grizzly Bear just south of where we plan to tour (on a bus) tomorrow. Hopefully everything will go to plan and we’ll have some more great photos for you.

Us x


  1. Hi dad and Kat, its nice to know that you are still enjoying yourselves. I know that u have not heard from me in a long time so i thought that it would be nice to post a comment. Anyway have fun and dont get hurt by any grizzly bears. Love u both

  2. Joseph aka Little Fella

    You have made me the happiest Dad on Fathers day.

    I Love U More

    Dad (Kat sends her love too)

  3. Hi Ant & Kat,
    Jim Partridge here. Edie and I were your chance encounter in Bodega Bay, CA. I have enjoyed checking your blog every few days, and always remain amazed at how 50 to 90 miles a day can lead to your crossing the continent (almost twice!). I looked at your Yellowstone photos, and am impressed with all your wildlife encounters. I am pretty sure the hawk you photographed is a red tail hawk. The Black spots under the wing near his shoulder make the id. He is probably a juvenile because the rusty red color of the tail is not yet developed. Good luck with your travel, and keep the wonderful photos and prose coming!
    Jim Partridge