Thursday, 17 June 2010

West Yellowstone National Park

Another seminal moment …we have arrived in West Yellowstone, MT. Problem was, as we cycled between two very impressive mountain ranges (the Madison and the Gravelly) toward the historic Earthquake Lake we battled for 48 miles against the strongest head winds to date, which we put down to the Funnel Effect: 'def - winds blowing against mountain barriers tend to flatten out and go around or over them. If the barrier is broken by a pass or a valley, the air is forced through the break at considerable speed. When wind is forced through narrow valleys it is known as the Funnel Effect and is explained by Bernoulli’s theorem'.

Notable mentions for today would be, meeting up with Chris and Alan, fellow Brits on the TransAmerica bike route …what great guys! And of course the scenery and views coming into Yellowstone were astounding, surprising, stunning, staggering, shocking, startling, stupefying, breathtaking; awesome, awe-inspiring, sensational, remarkable, spectacular, stupendous, phenomenal, extraordinary, incredible, unbelievable, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping…the camera lens just isn’t big enough.

Apologies for the short blog, but 48 miles of climbing 1,700ft against a Funnel Effect has taken its toll.

Still Lovin’ y’all

Us x

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