Monday, 7 June 2010

Rest Day

Laundry, shopping in Safeway, watching TV and reading the BBC News website.

A nice ‘busy doing nothing’ day

Us x

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  1. Yo Badgers

    Lots of chillaxing on the blog this week which is good...well good for you two but maybe not so good for those of us still running around the hamster wheel. I'm slightly lost at the moment geographically, last lot of photos were in Canada but surely you aren't still there, I thought that Idaho was back in the US or have I lost the plot? Greetings on this side from Rick and Karen , we spent a night in Berkhamsted on Sat, checking out all the mods and decorations to their house in the country, it is looking v.trendy. When quizzed on their inspiration, they claimed it came from your hard work in the Crouch so maybe you can get starring roles on Grand Design when you come back! Anyway you would have loved the fire pit in their garden, we sat around it toasting marshmallows and swilling rose into the early hours. The only serious aftereffect (other than the Sun morning hangover) was the wood smoke which had permeated all our clothing, etc, so that we smelt like a pair of vagrants on the way home...Anyway love from all here, good to see that you are getting some relaxation. Btw qre you on track with your schedule? We need to catch up soon ref NYC planning...can't wait to see you both again.

    Big lurve
    MG & T xxxxx